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Why Enterpreneurship and International Business?

The main objective of the study programme is to train students to perform managerial tasks in the field of entrepreneurship and international business in companies of various sizes and structures, both in the Slovenian and international markets.

Upon completion of the programme, students are qualified to work independently in the field of planning, organising, managing and controlling processes in all business functions of companies in both domestic and international environments.

The learning objectives are achieved with the help of lecturers and experts who are recognised in the field of professional and research expertise and have practical experience.

By achieving the core objectives of the study programme, students develop general and subject-specific competences:

  • The ability to understand the characteristics of firms, their management and the changing environment in which firms operate;
  • Autonomy in professional work and decision-making;
  • Communication skills and competences;
  • The ability to judge the uniqueness of cultures and their impact on companies, international business and management;
  • Ability to relate and argue for solutions to different examples, problems and challenges in the field of entrepreneurship and international business;
  • Managerial competences, including understanding of difference and awareness of intercultural specificities;
  • The ability to adapt, be flexible, self-organise effectively, plan, motivate and take initiative;
  • Skills in the use of different ICT for the purpose of preparing presentations;
  • The ability to study, read, work individually and in groups, using a variety of sources and literature effectively.

Why choose our school?

Because we make studying a pleasure.

  1. We provide useful and applicable knowledge that you will be able to use in the workplace.
  2. In the company of the best” project, which you will also be part of; you will have the opportunity to interact with successful businessmen.
  3. You will not be alone during your studies – we provide a range of counseling services and an education process, tailored to suit specific students.
  4. Our professors have practical knowledge and are successful in their fields.
  5. Our students are very happy with their professors, rating them with a grade of 4.5 on a 1-5 scale.”

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