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ERUDIO Advantages


1. Professors that teach at our higher education institution are professionals with rich

experiences from the field of work they teach in. They are not just researchers, but

people with their own companies or visible roles in business.

2. We have very friendly and helpful staff that is rated 4.8 (out of 5 points) among

our students.

3. The study of the German language is offered to the students as an elective subject.

That enables students to teach the German language and give them great possibility

to enter German market, since Slovenian companies have strong links with the

German market.

4. As our program is a part-time study, the classes are held a few times per week and

always in the afternoons. This system is tailored to the needs of working students

which allows them to simultaneously work and study in Slovenia.

5. The difference between an University program and Higher Education Programms

such is ourEntrepreneurship and International Business Program is also in the

amount of compulsory practical training, which is significantly higher at our higher

education institution. That provides students with rich experiences during their


6. We are proud of our sophisticated ERUDIO online education system, which was

developed and implemented before Covid-19 times. It allows students to both watch

live lectures as well as watch lecture recordings retrospectively before the exams.

7. We offer Erasmus+ practical training abroad and the students have the possibility

of an Erasmus+ exchange into many European countries.

8. The possibility to continue your education at the 2nd Bologna level (Masters)

both in Slovenia and abroad, since you will get an EU and Slovenian accredited


9. Emphasis on a personalized approach, made possible by small groups of students

which allows quality work with a lot of interactions and exchange of views.

10. Free wi-fi and parking in a secured parking space on the location of the School.

11. All lectures take place in the same location in Ljubljana

12. ERUDIO is located in the centre of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

13. Access to the Emerald research database for students free of charge.

14. and much more...”


More than 13 years of mutual work and cooperation are now behind us. Together with our lecturers and students, we learn and strive to improve in different ways every day to achieve our goals:

  • by working with lecturers who are renowned in their professional and research fields and who have experience in practice,
  • modern teaching methods in a creative learning environment,
  • by working with industry to address specific current challenges,
  • networking with other educational institutions at home and abroad to implement examples of good practice,
  • keeping abreast of trends in education and technology,
  • facilitating e-learning, which allows students to balance their time for education with other commitments,
  • by providing advice and mentoring,
  • guided thesis production,
  • a personal approach and flexibility.

Erudio business school takes pride in:

  • by working with lecturers who are renowned in their professional and research fields and who have experience in practice,offering applicable and up to date skills and knowledge, presented by lecturers, who are competent scholars and professionals in their teaching areas,
  • offering students the option of doing part of their studies abroad through the Erasmus exchange mechanism,
  • providing especially flexible schedules, which allow our part time students to remain on track with their studies
  • free wi-fi and parking, all lectures on the same location, friendly staff, fully equipped facilities, access to the Emerald e-database.

We welcome your views when completing the questionnaires or in informal discussions.

We also encourage students to take advantage of the specificity of our staff and discuss their entrepreneurial ideas with expert lecturers.

Our goal is to be better every year. This is the only way we can stand behind the statement that you are in the company of the best.


Who We Are & What We Do

ERUDIO Education group was established in 1993. All of its members are dedicated to implementing innovative learning methods and solutions to make your way toward a quality education and a formal degree easier, more comfortable, and more efficient.
Today, ERUDIO Education Group offers a variety of educational programs:

  • professional and general high school programs,
  • vocational college 2 year programs,
  • BA 3 year programs.

Our programs and employees share the same vision and approach. We strive towards offering high quality education, tailored to suit the needs of our students. Our students are not just our clients; they are our partners, just like we are theirs. High quality, motivated lecturers who are not only scholars, but successful practitioners in their fields of expertise, and a personal approach to our students, is what sets us apart from other similar institutions, and what helps our students on their way to personal and professional success.

We have been following this vision of education for the needs of the 21st century for over two decades.

ERUDIO Education Group encompasses ERUDIO Institute for Education (uniting EURO ŠOLA, IRC Institute and ZARIS Institute), ERUDIO Business School, ERUDIO School of Sustainable Tourism, ERUDIO Academy, ERUDIO HUB and ERUDIO Beauty Academy.

We offer a range of technologically advanced and high quality solutions for individuals who have decided to set their minds on success and need help on their way to accomplished careers.

Here is what we have achieved so far:

1993: ERUDIO Education Group is established as a language learning center – EURO ŠOLA.

1996: EURO ŠOLA starts offering adult professional high school education programs. The mission of EURO ŠOLA is to open up paths toward a high school diploma for youngsters and adults alike, by developing novel teaching methods and listening to its students personal needs.

1999: EURO ŠOLA launches the first private general high school in Slovenia, wishing to offer its students a different, personalized and attentive approach.

1999: IRC Education and Development Center is established, a private institution offering adult professional vocational college programs and actively engaged in regional international development projects in the field of education.

2000: ZARIS – Development, Education and Counselling Institute is established as a private institute offering a range of professional high school and vocational college education programs. ZARIS has a special focus on adult education, developing special learning methods, tools, and programs, designed as an optimal combination of adult learning approaches. It was the first private vocational college in Slovenia offering a course in Civil engineering.

2008/2009 – ERUDIO Education Group is one of the first in the region to start offering blended learning solutions.

2009: ERUDIO Business School and ERUDIO School of Sustainable Tourism are formed, enriching the offer of ERUDIO Education Group with a 3 year BA program in International Business and Entrepreneurship, and a 3 year BA program in Heritage and Culinary Tourism.

2011/2012: ERUDIO Education Group members develop and begin implementing a novel learning solution: ERUDIO Online learning, which grants students the option of studying and completing all program requirements online.

2012: ERUDIO Institute for Education is formed, uniting EURO ŠOLA, ZARIS Institute, and IRC Institute. ERUDIO Institute has two organizational units: ERUDIO Professional and Expert School, and ERUDIO Vocational College.

2014: ERUDIO Academy is established offering informal education solutions.

2015: ERUDIO HUB is established, providing our students and other aspiring businessmen with space and tools for developing their business solutions.

2016: ERUDIO Beauty Academy is established, offering a range of cosmetics and wellness masterclasses.

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