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An entrepreneur learns every day. The experience of a lecture from Mr. Češko was priceless. To listen to my idol, from the first row . . . ERUDIO really provides the best lectures “In the company of the best”. I believe that lectures like this give us the necessary motivation to one day become the best!

Maja Švener,

First of all I would like to tell you what education means to me, reflecting on the experience that I had in Afghanistan.

Only after two weeks in Afghanistan, I have realized that the army can not solve the problem in Afghanistan. Why not? In this nation more than 80 % of people are illiterate, they never went to schools, they are not educated. People, who are educated have great power over them and here is the reason for all the terrorists that are willing to die. They have nothing to loose, if the die, they will go to paradise.

I believe that the solution in Afghanistan is education.

We are not aware how lucky we are, that we were born in a country where education is a birth given right.

I am a third year student, I have passed a lot of exams and I can say that the decision to study on Erudio Business school was the right one.

We all know how hard it is to enroll  in school, especially now, when we have other obligations (such as family and job).

For me it was very important to enroll in school that provides quality knowledge. The lecturers on Erudio College have a lot of practical knowledge, they are successful at home and abroad, they have successful companies . . .

On Erudio College, student is not just a number, our opinion maters, our thoughts count.

The lecturers use modern methods while teaching, the students are very connected. We have become a real team.

In the end I would like to say that I am very happy, that I have decided to study on Erudio College. I would like to thank all the lecturers for their trouble and their patience. And  for my school mates I wish all the best in the future.

Andrej Vrviščar, works in Slovenian army

My name is Tina and I am a 2. year student on Business school ERUDIO.  The school is on a great location, the bus stations are very near. The lecturers are very nice and always available if we need them. The lectures are held on Friday afternoons  and Saturday mornings, which is perfect for me, considering the fact  that I have a small child and that both, my husband and I study on Erudio.  

As for professors, some are more popular than others, but I have to point our that all of them are always available if we need them. I also like the fact that professors lecture on basis of their own experiences.

Tina Susman, student of Business school ERUDIO

We live in a time of fast changes, changes that go beyond our personal life, they are especially reflected in modern business world. Changes in technological development and fast development of informational technology require changes in modern business man’s thinking. Because of those requirements that will only grow in the future, personal growth is very important. It is necessary to gain formal and informational knowledge and to be a part of interpersonal networking. The right choice, when it comes to education, influences personal and business growth of an individual. The number of jobs is becoming more an d more limited. People with key business knowledge, personal characteristics, ethics and adequate network are being looked for. The knowledge of cultural and ethical characteristics of different cultures, is one of the key elements, that enables us to work in international business environment.
Entrepreneurship and International Management is one of those choices that enables you to get formal and informal knowledge in national and international business environment. Participation of professors with extensive academic knowledge and experience from business world is the choice that enables all that. The connection between extensive practical knowledge, leading economical positions with academic knowledge guarantees our students the knowledge that is needed and will be needed in business world, now and in the future. Our students come from different sectors; public, business and economic and this gives them an opportunity to gain acquaintances, that definitely come in handy for business and economical carrier results in the future.
Adequate formal knowledge and social capital, that you will gain during your studies on Business school ERUDIO is the right choice, that will enable you to have a successful carrier in the future, as a top quality manager in business or public sector.

Jože Kocjančič, Pro-dean for scientific research

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