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Have you ever heard of the chicken-shaped country in the middle of the EU? A country so magical that dragons still live there? A perfect starting point for safe travels all over the EU, from the Mediterranean to the Alps? A country whose own highest mountain full of enjoyable hiking routes is called Triglav, literally meaning “three-peaks”? They say a mighty king sleeps under one of our tall mountains, waiting for his bears to circle the table nine times, did you know this? You probably answered no to every of these questions. But let me tell you a secret: such a country exists, and it lies in the heart of Europe. It goes by the name of Slovenia.

Are you still puzzled about where this Slovenia is? Take a map. Look for Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. You will find a small country between them. Slovenia.

map of slovenia

You should not be misled by its shape and size; first impressions are often deceiving. When you go and discover this country, the road will take you from majestic and mystical mountains to Pannonian lowlands where time stands still and you can hear the traditional windmill-like scarecrow, klopotec, making its familiar sound that will take you to another time. Or, you might choose to discover the mighty virgin forests of Kočevje and enjoy their peacefulness and magical vibe. You can also decide to wander around the western part of the country, the home of the bora (or burja) wind, vineyards, sea and sun.

If you can’t decide whether to visit the mountains or the coast, don’t fret: you can do both in a single day!

The Slovenians that you will meet along the way are friendly people that value good times and great food, so if you like to eat well, you will have come to the right place. But do not be surprised if you discover that people in areas that are not so far apart speak in different dialects. In fact, there are over 50 different dialects across Slovenia. You sure are in for an adventure when you decide to explore and learn more about our country. Moreover, our small but beautiful homeland is one of the top 10 countries in the world. Yup, it takes a lot of effort not to fall in love with it!

bled slovenia

Here is some brief information about Slovenia:

  • Area................................... 20,256 km2
  • Population......................... 2 million
  • Capital............................... Ljubljana
  • Language.......................... Slovene
  • Climate.............................. Alpine, Continental, Mediterranean
  • Time Zone......................... Central European Time GMT + 1
  • Political System................. Parliamentary democracy
  • GDP per capita (PPP)......... USD 28779.85 

For more information about Slovenia click here.


Who We Are & What We Do

ERUDIO Education group was established in 1993. All of its members are dedicated to implementing innovative learning methods and solutions to make your way toward a quality education and a formal degree easier, more comfortable, and more efficient.
Today, ERUDIO Education Group offers a variety of educational programs:

  • professional and general high school programs,
  • vocational college 2 year programs,
  • BA 3 year programs.

Our programs and employees share the same vision and approach. We strive towards offering high quality education, tailored to suit the needs of our students. Our students are not just our clients; they are our partners, just like we are theirs. High quality, motivated lecturers who are not only scholars, but successful practitioners in their fields of expertise, and a personal approach to our students, is what sets us apart from other similar institutions, and what helps our students on their way to personal and professional success.

We have been following this vision of education for the needs of the 21st century for over two decades.

ERUDIO Education Group encompasses ERUDIO Institute for Education (uniting EURO ŠOLA, IRC Institute and ZARIS Institute), ERUDIO Business School, ERUDIO School of Sustainable Tourism, ERUDIO Academy, ERUDIO HUB and ERUDIO Beauty Academy.

We offer a range of technologically advanced and high quality solutions for individuals who have decided to set their minds on success and need help on their way to accomplished careers.

Here is what we have achieved so far:

1993: ERUDIO Education Group is established as a language learning center – EURO ŠOLA.

1996: EURO ŠOLA starts offering adult professional high school education programs. The mission of EURO ŠOLA is to open up paths toward a high school diploma for youngsters and adults alike, by developing novel teaching methods and listening to its students personal needs.

1999: EURO ŠOLA launches the first private general high school in Slovenia, wishing to offer its students a different, personalized and attentive approach.

1999: IRC Education and Development Center is established, a private institution offering adult professional vocational college programs and actively engaged in regional international development projects in the field of education.

2000: ZARIS – Development, Education and Counselling Institute is established as a private institute offering a range of professional high school and vocational college education programs. ZARIS has a special focus on adult education, developing special learning methods, tools, and programs, designed as an optimal combination of adult learning approaches. It was the first private vocational college in Slovenia offering a course in Civil engineering.

2008/2009 – ERUDIO Education Group is one of the first in the region to start offering blended learning solutions.

2009: ERUDIO Business School and ERUDIO School of Sustainable Tourism are formed, enriching the offer of ERUDIO Education Group with a 3 year BA program in International Business and Entrepreneurship, and a 3 year BA program in Heritage and Culinary Tourism.

2011/2012: ERUDIO Education Group members develop and begin implementing a novel learning solution: ERUDIO Online learning, which grants students the option of studying and completing all program requirements online.

2012: ERUDIO Institute for Education is formed, uniting EURO ŠOLA, ZARIS Institute, and IRC Institute. ERUDIO Institute has two organizational units: ERUDIO Professional and Expert School, and ERUDIO Vocational College.

2014: ERUDIO Academy is established offering informal education solutions.

2015: ERUDIO HUB is established, providing our students and other aspiring businessmen with space and tools for developing their business solutions.

2016: ERUDIO Beauty Academy is established, offering a range of cosmetics and wellness masterclasses.

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