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Advantages of e-learning? How long does it take?

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The basic aim of the program is to prepare students for becoming a successful expert in their field, capable of working on national and international markets.


The students will gain:

    • professional theoretical knowledge in the field of enviroment engineering and sanitary engineering, urban planning, management, etc.
    • ability to work independently,
    • organization and planning skills,
    • the capacity to work in all business positoins in the national and international environment,
    • the capacity to analyze information and take decisions on the basis of the given information,
    • the capacity to understand the environment in which the companies work,
    • the ability to communicate in a foreign language,
    • public performance skills,
    • an acknowledgement of the importance of lifelong learning.


Students also have to spend a part of their studies working as interns in an environment, where modern theory is applied in practice. This is where students get a chance to check the practicality of theoretical concepts.


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