About Us

About our school

ERUDIO International School (EIS) is a member of ERUDIO Education group which was established in 1993. All of its members are dedicated to implementing innovative learning methods to make our way toward quality education.

High-quality, motivated educators who have a personal approach to our students, are what sets us apart from other similar schools, and what helps our learners on their way to personal and later, professional success.

Advantages of the International Baccalaureate

ERUDIO International School​ offers a continuum of the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization in Ljubljana, from 14 to 19 years. MYP (Middle Years Programme) is for scholars aged 14 to 16 and DP (Diploma Programme) is for scholars aged 16 to 19.

Our combination of the last two years Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme is the best academic preparation for any university around the world!

High quality of education anywhere in the world
Strong ethical and solidarity formation
Encourages students to think critically
Active learning attitude: "They learn to learn"
Develops flexibility, perseverance, and confidence
Better adaptation to multicultural environments in different countries

Our mission statement

ERUDIO International School educates all students to the highest levels of academic achievement, to enable them to reach and expand their potential, and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative and compassionate members of society.


To become a school which develops internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.


“We are a school of students coming from different cultures, backgrounds and values who respect each other and have the same chances of success.”

School philosophy

ERUDIO International School philosophy is based on knowledge, success, partnership and mutual respect. Our school is different in its approach to teaching and learning.

We create a warm, cozy and pleasant environment where our students feel safe.

We make our best to put the teaching and learning process into life.

Living in Slovenia, Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a small country in the center of Europe which is known as the green capital in Europe.

Slovenes, who do not live there, meet there, study or do business. A lot of students around the streets give Ljubljana a youthful pulse. The younger population speaks English almost fluently which means that communication won’t be a problem wherever you go. Ljubljana is a perfect city to live in.

It has a beautiful city center. Everything is accessible on foot or by bike or electric scooter. Even its public transport system is great, and its taxis are cheap. Wandering through the old town or lively streets of the more modern side of town has its charm. It’s a city that will captivate you.

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